Levi Watson


When I started out in photography, I didn’t know where it would take me. I didn’t know  it would take me to weddings across the United States, capturing some of the most special moments of people’s lives, experiencing them first-hand. I didn’t know I would get be a part, even just a small part, of so many different stories. I didn’t know it would connect me to so many different people in a way that I wouldn't realize. I didn’t know it would take me to places I hadn’t ever been and even to a different country. I didn’t know I would have the opportunity to impact people around me in a way that other things couldn’t; I was just a kid who liked using his dad’s camera, and spent all of his free time taking pictures. Over the years my passion for photography has changed in many ways, and it’s something that’s always growing and developing as I find my voice in the vast, ever-changing digital world. Recently, I've taken it back to where my passion began; video. Video has the power to communicate, inspire, and kindle a passion unlike any other. For me, that's where my creative journey started, and it's where I'm headed.

And it’s not going anywhere. The last 10 years have been just the start, and the years ahead have a bright future, with many things in store, some planned, and many not. 


Our Mission

To bring you the best content, period. If you have a project in mind, but don't have the time or the skills to bring it to life, Wilderness Films is here to provide you with experienced staff and tell your story.